On Computer Security

1. Security actions are a judgement call

You may feel safe, leaving the keys in your car, or you may not. But you know how you feel about that, and the reasons.

Computer security is tougher for many people - how do you know if your computer has malware?  It's a lot easier to tell if someone has been messing with your car.

2.  Intelligent Trust

How do you decide to trust someone about the security of your computer(s) - or not to trust them?

3. 'They say' some Operating Systems are better than others, more secure than others.  

Should you change?  Upgrade to Vista, to Windows 7, switch to a Mac OS X, or Linux?

The answer to this one depends on your business - and only you can make that decision.  Are there truly intelligent research based factors to consider when deciding? Yes - and those answers will vary from business to business.

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