About Us

Security Reality Check is owned and operated by Lynda Gousha in Silicon Valley.  

Lynda is an Apple Certified Support Professional and includes Microsoft & Cisco certified professionals as well as Linux advocates in her network. She maintains an inclusive perspective (with respect to OS and applications) on the computer security scene.

Most importantly, she brings a background in logic, influence, human communication, and business to her work.

Details:  Lynda has an ABD (all but dissertation) Ph.D. and  taught logic at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She worked for over a decade for a Fortune 500 company, managing multimillion dollar projects.  She is also certified in the field of NLP, and has done consulting for large Silicon Valley companies on Influencing Skills.

If you want/need more info on any of these topics, just let us know.

Comments? Questions?  llg at securityrealitycheck.com