• Q: Who are you to tell *me* anything about computer security anyway?

A:  Info about us is in 'About Us', but that's probably not what you're asking. Truth is, there are so many types of security threat out there, that any given source or supplier may or may not be able to help your business. 

We may or may not be what you're looking for.  Take a look through the blog, and the 'What We Offer' page, and decide for yourself.  Feel free to use any info that is valuable to you, and disregard anything that's not.

• Q: What's so special about Security Reality Check?  

A: Above all else, we're practical. Our strategy involves keeping informed about the security threats 'out there', assessing how 'threatening' they really our for small to medium sized businesses, and then moving to 'how to' deal, & protect against what realistically  might be a problem.

• Q:  What's the focus?

A:  Our focus is specific to the businesses we work with.  A lot depends on whether or not they've been the victim of scams, or malware, or are just smart enough to take  preventative action based on a knowledge of the current threat level.

We often suggest looking at a business' current situation, what software is in use, what OS, what network configuration, and we ask, 'What practical, cost effective changes could be made to help this business be more secure?' 

The range of answers could be anything from switching to Firefox as a browser, educating your employees about phishing and other scams, to being more diligent about patching s/ware, to a move to Linux, Windows 7, or Mac OS X for financial interactions, or maybe for the whole business.  

*But* we look at how cost effective any changes are for a specific business. And, we give specific information as to exactly how to implement any recommended changes to minimize disruption of your business.  

Any recommended changes should save you money and effort, compared with the security breaches you're protecting against.

Comments? Questions?  llg at securityrealitycheck.com